Who is the Man in the Maze?

As part of the Living Well Dying Well Doula Training Foundation Course we looked at many different religions and cultures and how they related to death and dying.  When I set up this website I wanted an image that encompassed living and dying as a whole.  Whilst doing some personal reading on the internet I came across the image of the Man in the Maze otherwise known as the Symbol of Life.

This symbol was used by the Native American Indians who were deeply spiritual people to represent life.  The figure at the entrance to the maze signifies birth and then the maze is the path we take though life.  At the centre of the maze is your life’s goal and when you reach the middle of the maze you reach your goal.  The last turn in the symbol represents your opportunity to look back at your life before the Sun God greets you and blesses you with a passage in to the next life.

All the twists and turns and dead ends within the maze signify lessons learned along lifes journey including:

Innocence and youth
Gaining skills and knowledge
Observation and vision
Growth and independence
Creating and building
Happiness, love and laughter
The power of creation
Ambition, power and the skills of leadership
Learning and understanding from experience
Integrity and friendship
Wisdom and Enlightenment
Accepting change
Purity and Harmony
Development and foresight
Reflection and repentance
Looking inside oneself
Acceptance of past life
Death and eternal life

(source: https://www.warpaths2peacepipes.com/native-american-symbols/symbol-of-life.htm)

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