• Emotional Pain
  • Pain Sticks

    What on earth are Pain Sticks?  A few years ago, my partner wrote an excellent little book called The Sticking Point.  This isn’t an advert for the book but I’ll put a link at the bottom of this post if you are interested in reading it. A huge part of the pain experienced by people […]

  • On dying
  • No regrets

    One of the most influential exercises that we have done as part of the End of Life Doula training is to look at our own death and to imagine how we would feel if we only had one week left to live. It is an incredibly powerful thing to look at our own life as […]

  • Living well
  • Why not now?

    We live in a digital age where news spreads like wildfire.  Whenever a celebrity dies, we know the instant we open Facebook, turn on the tv or radio.  What happens now is that there is a mass outpouring of grief and love for the person who has died.  All of a sudden everyone is a […]