Advance Care Planning

None of us knows exactly what the future holds. We all hope for a long and healthy life. But what would you want to happen if you were unable to make decisions for yourself any more? If you were to have an accident, or a stroke that renders you unconscious or perhaps to get dementia that prevents you making decisions about your own care.

Would you want to go into a nursing home? Would you choose to try all life sustaining treatments offered or would you prefer to be kept comfortable? Who would you like to be involved in your care or is there anyone you would not want to see you? What are your likes and dislikes? All this and more can be recorded in an Advance Care Plan.

Advance Care Planning is a way of recording your wishes so that in the event you were to lose capacity to make and communicate your wishes, those around you know what you would want to happen.

There are various things you can do to record these wishes. Some are advisory and others are legally binding on those responsible for your care.

I am certified by Living Well Dying Well to help people to explore what they might want to happen to them and to write Advance Care Plans that can be shared with family, friends and health professionals.

Details of workshops will be released soon.